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3rd year of acting

The drama course wants to reflect on social processes and influence them with the means of art. The aim of learning is the representation of a character, a story, is the way from the "I" to the "you of the role". This humanistic orientation thus builds on the traditions of Konstantin Stanislawski and Bertolt Brecht.

3rd year acting

W. Borchert: "Outside the door"

Beckmann, Elbe, Colonel: Mouataz Alshaltouh

Beckmann, Death, Other, Mrs. Kramer: Adriano Henseler

Doc: David Ruland

I. Lausund: "Herniated Disc"

Mrs. Kretzky: Nele Trebs

Mr Kruse: Maurice Läbe

Doz: Prof. Nora Leschkowitz

T. Dopler: “Monte rosa”

Geronimo Hartig

Maxim Short

Instructor: Moritz Grove

F. Kafka: "The Metamorphosis"

Antonia Maercklin

Levi Wessel

own work

M. McDonagh "The Lonely West"
Girleen: Jasper Middendorf

Father Welsh: Bo Anderl

Lecturer: Prof. Nora Leschkowitz

Mentors: Leschkowitz/Wätzel
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