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2nd year of study contemporary puppetry art

There are traditional forms of hand puppets or string marionettes, as well as click-mouth puppets, as we know them from comedy, or puppets that are moved by several players. In the understanding of teaching and research at the Department of Contemporary Puppetry, the term "puppet" encompasses much more.

The focus is on the question of how people communicate with and about things today. The concept of the puppet is very broad and means all things that make communication possible through their behavior or the way they are manipulated.

"Hildensaga. A Queen's Drama” by Ferdinand Schmalz

In Ferdinand Schmalz' new version of the famous Nibelung myth, two queens - Brünhild and Kriemhild - free themselves from their destiny and appear as seekers of clues in their own interests. With the help of the Norns, who are weaving the three threads of fate, they rebel against a male world greedy for power and wealth, which is entangled in a bloody web of jealousy, intrigue and betrayal. But even the two Hildes cannot avoid the question of how much violence is necessary for the overthrow, whether the end justifies the means. In a fast-paced meditation on violence and counter-violence, on the stubbornness of power structures, we encounter figures who are victims and perpetrators at the same time, but above all prisoners of the roles imposed on them.

  • Christopher Breust - Wotan (S), Siegfried Cecilia de la Jara - Norne (S), Brünhild Hanik Soleimani - Norne (S), Gunther Christine Zeides - Norne (S), Kriemhild, Hagen
  • Puppets from the production "Tyrants" at the Halle Puppet Theater by Atif Mohammed Nor Hussein
  • Head of Scene Studies: Claudia Luise Bose

Scenes from "Death" by Woody Allen

Kleinmann lies asleep in bed. It's three o'clock in the morning. Someone bangs on the door. He should come out, it's important, they need him. All of a sudden he is part of an intricate plan and sets out into the streets of the night city

  • Material and dolls: newspapers, cardboard and tape. Doll making: Melanie Sowa and Ensemble
  • Playing: Sophia Bobic, Esti Schrader, Jago Schlingensiepen, Emma Teichert
  • Lecturer: Melanie Sowa

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