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The Oskar Strock & Eddie Rosner Orchestra

Oskar Strock (*1893 Latvia) and Eddie Rosner (*1910 Berlin) are among the most important co-founders of the swing and tango traditions from Eastern Europe to Japan and Finland. Nevertheless, dictatorial regimes almost managed to erase the names of these two exceptional Jewish talents from cultural memory.

»The Oskar Strock & Eddie Rosner Orchestra« brings their ballroom music, including works by their contemporaries, back to Germany and also their late works from the 40s to 70s. Band leader Dmitri Dragilew has reconstructed their compositions and added new ones to the old arrangements that breathe the spirit of the two - a breathtaking journey through time full of surprises, catchy tunes and a feast for fans of upscale and jazzy dance music.

Anna Lukshina vocals | Peter Zastrow trumpet | Dmitri Dragilev piano, arrangements, vocals, artistic and musical direction | Steffen Illner Bass | Frank Winkelmann drums | Vladimir Miller clarinet, saxophone

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