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Swan Lake" embodies everything that defines classical Russian ballet: grace, grace and, above all, dancing perfection. The incomparable music of P.I. Tchaikovsky unites with the emotive dance to form a language of its own that everyone understands immediately.

Russisches Ballettfestival Moskau
Russisches Ballettfestival Moskau © Klassik Konzert Dresden GmbH & Co. KG

The interplay of love and longing, loneliness and jealousy, anger, pain and happiness has fascinated theatergoers time and again for generations. Especially during the Christmas season, this probably most popular ballet classic is part of the pre-Christmas joy for many guests. First performed in 1877, the ballet has always defined the repertoire of all powerful classical ballet companies.

Who does not know the dance of the four little swans or the breathtaking leaps and intimate pas de deux at the dreamy Swan Lake? It is the fairy tale of a prince who falls in love with Odette, who has been transformed into a white swan by the magician Redbeard. And this love is put to the test: Lyrical and tragic, festive and intimate in the atmospheric ambience of the "white pictures" by the lake in contrast with the magnificent and colorful costumes at the royal court, promise a varied festive evening of great classical ballet.

The Russian Ballet Festival Moscow can be seen throughout the country starting in November with more than 80 performances. The award-winning ensemble of the Russian State Theater for Opera and Ballet Ufa from Rudolf Nureyev's hometown, has made several guest appearances in Brazil, the Netherlands, China, Mexico, Portugal, the USA, Thailand and France. For this year's performances in Berlin, the ensemble will be supported by a 30-piece live orchestra.

Russian Ballet Festival Moscow presents "Swan Lake" accompanied by a 30-piece live orchestra

Music: P.I. Tchaikovsky
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