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BA Graduation Work

You are in the first row of the IMAX cinema. The picture is blurry and distorted, but you have a big pack of popcorn. You start to move, you gaze away from the pratogonist and notice background actors - they look odd and eerie.

In this work Asya refers to her experience as an ‘extra’ in movie production, as well as the role of a background bodies inside of fiction realities. Through the means of re-enactment, montage and the gaze, performers build up a collapsing narrative, which opens new relationships between main and supporting, questioning the existing hierarchies of attention.
Additional information
Performers: Nuria Carrillo, Alejandro Gonzales

Sound: Vili Pääkkö

Video: Konstantin Koryagin

Asya Ashman is a dance artist and performer, based in Berlin. Studied dance and choreography at  HZT Berlin and Fine Arts at BHSAD, Moscow. She works on the intersection of mediums, researching misplacing, absence and commodification of affections by means of dance and images.