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Free workshop for children 6 and older

In the exhibition, visitors move through the virtual world of LuYang, in which an avatar named DOKU appears in six versions. They dance, fight, and die, and as in the comic they can be gods and demons, heroes, warriors, and cyborgs at the same time. Based on LuYang’s parallel world, we will create new characters with superpowers and special characteristics.

KEY VISUAL SundayPopulaire: Cosplay oder Freestyle?
KEY VISUAL SundayPopulaire: Cosplay oder Freestyle? © PalaisPopulaire

In the workshop you have a choice: you can recreate a headband of a dojo from the anime Naruto, just like in cosplay, where the goal is to recreate a character as accurately as possible. If you don’t want to commit yourself to any character, you can give free rein to your imagination. Which characters will end up competing against each other?
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Meeting point: Atelier