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free book presentation and workshop for families and children 5-8 years old

Based on the exhibition The Struggle of Memory, which is about remembering and storytelling, we read the picture book debut "The Color of Lemons' by African-American artist Kenesha Sneed.

It tells the story of little Eisha, who makes a mold out of clay in the studio of her mother, who is a ceramic artist. The yellow mold makes Eisha especially happy because it reminds her of last summer when she picked lemons with her dad. Suddenly, the mold falls to the ground and breaks into many pieces.

Kenesha Sneed tells a story about sadness, loss and farewell, but also about the power of memory and creativity, which she then demonstrates in a workshop.

In cooperation with the bookstore Krumulus
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Booking: Information and registration on the PalaisPopulaire website. Limited number of seats.