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Ensemble Alta Musica

The ensemble ALTA MUSICA is dedicated to the music of the Middle Ages. The shawm and pommer are the special instruments of the Alta Capella. ALTA MUSICA has gained international recognition as one of the leading ensembles in its music genre.

The Protestant Church of St. Peter and Paul on Nikolskoe was 1834-1837 by decree of King Friedrich Wilhelm III. built. Since it was designed as part of the Havel landscape and has increasingly merged with this landscape, it has become a popular destination.

Works by Guillaume Dufays

Ensemble Alta Musica

  • Rainer Böhm – shawm, recorder, string tambourine
  • Antonia Biemer - soprano, Symphonia
  • Dagmar Jaenicke - Pomeranian, recorder
  • Louise Oakes - Renaissance Trombone
  • Direction: Rainer Boehm

Admission free
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