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The Madi - Tent of the Senses invites you to its summer festival again this year. On 03.09.2023, visitors can immerse themselves in the magical world of 1001 nights. In addition to shows and culinary specialities, there will also be workshops for the whole family.

The summer festival in the Madi - Tent of the Senses offers visitors a varied programme at its open day with spectacular excerpts from the current show "Sultans", a belly dance and juggling workshop for children as well as henna painting. There will also be an exciting raffle with great prizes to add excitement and entertainment.

The summer festival also offers the opportunity to enjoy fresh delicacies to get to know the Madi - Tent of the Senses in all its facets and to experience the unique atmosphere.

"Our Summer Festival is a wonderful opportunity for people of all ages to meet, have fun and immerse themselves in the fascinating world of 1001 Nights."
- Hamdan Madi, Managing Director of Madi - Tent of the Senses.

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