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Life could be so beautiful

Have you always wondered what would have happened if you had made different decisions during your life? Do you know that “what if” feeling?

A feeling that creeps over every person over the course of their lives and then they ask themselves the essential questions of life.

“What would I do differently if I were 18 again?” “Why is Friedrich Merz back?” And – “Who is that actually next to me in bed?”

Whether life as a migrant, or the problems at school, whether the insurmountability of a bouncer, or the mysteries of quantum mechanics.

In his inimitable style, Sulaiman Masomi illuminates the discrepancy between ideal and reality in all areas of life in a multicultural society.

In his fourth solo program “Life could be so beautiful” he explains our world, layer by layer, with his own stories - and through his own history.

(Program in German)

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