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The Suit
The Suit © Yair Meyuhas

Solo by Ori Lenkinski

On Valentine’s Day, 1962, Jackie Kennedy invited television cameras into the White House to what would become an iconic tour of the extensive renovation she championed. In doing so, she reshaped the world’s image of the First Lady and of ladies altogether.

In Tel Aviv, 2019, armed with a pink suit (not a Chanel), Ori Lenkinski summons Kennedy’s energy to take the audience on a tour of the here and now.


Solo by Roni Chadash

"To the woman he said.. and your desire shall be to your husband, and he shall rule over you." Genesis 3:16

‘Goofy’ in Hebrew means MY body. I wanted to put a question mark on this ownership and to expose how easily it can be violated.

My body is playing with your gaze; how quickly can a body transform from an object to a subject? from multiple organs with no identity to a clear image of a woman?

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Additional information

Solo by Ori Lenkinski

Concept / Choreography / Performance: Ori Lenkinski

Music: Chubby Checker, Pablo Casals

Artistic Advisors: Rachel Erdos, Renana Raz, Ofer Amram



Solo by Roni Chadash

Choreography / Performance: Roni Chadash

Rehearsal manager: Dana Shoval

Music: Arvo Part, Nicolas Jaar, Chopin
Dock 11