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There are two types of people: Winners and losers. At least, that's what the advertising industry and social media show. Perfect bodies of successful, wealthy owners, photographed in front of a tropical background with palm trees and the sea and always the same message: You too can be like me, if you just try hard enough!

KEY VISUAL erfolgreich gescheitert - Krisenbewältigung mit Musik
KEY VISUAL erfolgreich gescheitert - Krisenbewältigung mit Musik Promo

Stressed and driven by an incredible urge for self-optimization, Florian runs through life trying to climb the ladder of success, on whose steps he mainly finds annoying phone calls, unanswered e-mails - and too heavy weights: In a mindless act of hubris, an insidious crack in his lower back reveals that something is wrong.

A medically prescribed rest period of 6 weeks gives him a unique opportunity to pause and perceive his surroundings with new eyes. What is important to us? What does it mean to be happy? And what is the new neighbor across the street up to? In an unexpected burst of creativity, Florian addresses all these world-changing questions in satirical songs. The songwriting goes so well that even an album is to be recorded. If there weren't one problem: the perpetual fear of failing in front of everyone.

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