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Friends from exile

It's crazy sometimes. Two German indie pop bands, Subterfuge (Düsseldorf) and Man Behind Tree (Berlin), who met via a detour in Pretoria, South Africa, are touring the north of the country together.

SUBTERFUGE © Anika Poltzer

Hans Forster, one of four singers in Man Behind Tree, says, "The music we make, you might first associate with the U.S. West Coast or Scotland." Lars Schmidt, one of the two songwriters in Subterfuge, adds, "When you follow blogs like the Janglepop Hub from South Africa, you're amazed at what happens in Germany after all. And so naturally the interest in each other grew, first via social media, later at concerts, when that went again after the lockdowns."
So it was obvious to be on the road together in the name of good music.

DJ The Whollebes Pop Explosion plays records before and after the concerts: 60s 70s power pop and indie pop classics.

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