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The biggest Stereoact party ever!

On 28 December 2023, the chart-toppers invite you to an unforgettable evening full of rousing hits at the Verti Music Hall Berlin. With their inimitable style, Stereoact know how to catapult the great hits of German pop and schlager history of the last decades into the year 2023.

With the unmistakable mixture of dance and its pulsating beats as well as the infectious hit melodies of the Who's Who of German pop hitmakers, the duo succeeds like hardly anyone else in getting people to dance.

In addition to self-penned tracks, they remix the great classics from Howard Carpendale to Vicky Leandros, Westernhagen to Echt, but also exotic songs like Jennifer Rush's "Ring of Ice" or their successful covers of "Denkmal & Abenteuerland" by "Pur" and remix them with fresh beats. The duo regularly creates a lively atmosphere on Germany's biggest stages.

Now it's time to celebrate the biggest Stereoact party ever in Berlin, the hit firework of good humour for young and old.

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