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Keaton tries to make a career as a film reporter. Stephan v. Bothmer interprets Buster Keaton's masterpiece. Keaton lost his artistic freedom when he moved to MGM. The way of working that was necessary in this giant company led to Keaton's loss of creativity.

However, everything went wrong during the filming of The Cameraman, the MGM people failed, so Keaton, immediately taking advantage of the situation, was able to shoot improvisedly with his core team as before. The best ideas come from precise preparation and the spontaneity of the moment. So Keaton makes his best film, against the wishes of the production company.

With his music, Bothmer not only heightens the punchlines of the gags, he reveals so many simply wonderful moments that everyone recognizes: this is perhaps Keaton's most imaginative film, full of poetry, charm and absurd comedy.

[E. Sedgwick, B. Keaton, USA 1928]

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