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An enchanting snow and winter musical

In this winter musical Steffi has a date with her best friend Tom. She wants to surprise him with free tickets for the movies, but Tom is once again too late and her visit to the cinema falls into the water. The quarrel makes use of the fleet Kalschinski who wants to persuade Steffi summarily to sledging.

Steffi und der Schneemann
Steffi und der Schneemann © Atze Musiktheater

Fortunately, Steffi meets a talking snowman who helps her with winter charm to reconcile with Tom again. The street sweepers under the leadership of Mr. Weber contribute to the happy ending with an amazing magic trick. The musical design opens the senses for rain, wind and snow. The initial "rain drop song" is the rain is not only heard, but also felt. Many songs like "Is the snow fresh" and "Quiet, very quiet" are poetic declarations of love for the winter. The swinging song "Auf dem Schlitten" ("On the Sled") is immediately in the ears of all children and makes them want to go tobogganing. For the final song "I love winter", the actors deliver a snowball fight on stage, which they would most like to join in. With its story about friendship, quarrels and contracts, the lovingly designed musical invites children to empathize and dream, but with its wintry flair it also enchants adults.

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Additional information

Educational Services
Participating artists
Jasper Diederich (Ton)
Romanus Fuhrmann (Regie)
Uwe Grünewald (Lichtdesign)
Hartwig Nickola (Ton)
Thomas Sutter (Musik)
Thomas Sutter (Autor/in)
Claudia Renner (Steffi)
Mathieu Pelletier (Tom)
Thomas Sutter (Herr Weber)
Felix Spieß (Kalschinski)
Stephan Hoppe (Özgür)
Christian Schadler (Schulze)
ATZE Musiktheater - Großer Saal