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Inspired by Mussorgsky's Pictures at an Exhibition and Eisenstein's montage technique, Steffen Kopetzky succeeds in writing a bold, imaginative and polyphonic novel in which Ho Chi Minh has his say, as do the Lord Privy Sealers of the British Empire or the poet princess Anna Akhmatova - a wholly extraordinary look at the incredible life of Larissa Reissner, who wanted nothing less than to change the world.

February 1926: Izvestia, House of the Press, Moscow: at the coffin of the young Larissa Reissner, political and literary Moscow meet for three days: generals and sailors, poets and ministers, husbands and lovers mourn the miracle daughter of their epoch and resurrect the German-Polish-Russian revolutionary in their memories.

A life like a novel: already as a child she meets Liebknecht, Gorky writes for her anti-war magazine, in her mid-twenties she is involved in the October Revolution, becomes a captain and commissar, Pasternak and Trotsky admire her. As ambassador to Kabul, she stumbles upon plans to break English dominance. After the failure of the German Revolution in 1923, she experiences a decisive vision in the studio of a Leipzig painter and sets off for Berlin - on her greatest mission: to broker a secret alliance between the Soviet Union and the German military, personified by General Tuchachevsky, the red Napoleon, and the dazzling Ritter von Niedermayer. But Larissa has long since been pursuing her own goals. A web of relationships develops between her and the two men that has enormous explosive power - both amorously and politically.

An event by Literatur LIVE in cooperation with Rowohlt Berlin Verlag and Thalia Buchhandlung.

(Program in German)
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