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Stefan Jürgens "so viele farben" In his new solo program " so viele farben " Stefan presents himself as a passionate musician - Stefan Jürgens mixed with a piano and a library chair are the ingredients for a concert evening that offers the range of still unreleased new songs, best known songs of recent years, as well as not forgotten stand-up comedy and stories from life. 

KEY VISUAL Stefan Jürgens „so viele farben"
KEY VISUAL Stefan Jürgens „so viele farben"

Since Stefan Jürgens first achieved cult status in the nineties with the mother of all comedy "RTL-Samstag-Nacht", Stefan Jürgens has not really hit the brakes. His acting career alone has left him little opportunity to do so. But neither his successes as Berlin Tatort Commissioner Hellmann or as Major Ribarski in Soko Wien/Donau, nor his more than 30 films can fully cover his busy artistic range. The actor and musician has received prestigious awards for his performances - including the Bavarian Television Award, the Bambi and the Austrian Romy.  

The multi-talented Stefan Jürgens started writing his own songs at the age of 16. Since 2002 he has released 6 studio albums so far. With his current album "Was zählt" Jürgens has been touring the country since 2019. Stefan's songs are journeys through his emotional and mental world in a troubled and seemingly increasingly inscrutable time.  

"The actor also has a strong stage presence as a singer, in his sensitivity and the poetry of the lyrics he sometimes reminded of a young Konstantin Wecker (...). With Stefan Jürgens one has the feeling that there are two people on stage: on the one hand the comedian, who distributes fine points and also occasionally a well-aimed verbal blow (...) on the other hand there is this unbelievably sensitive text poet, who reveals a lot of personal and private things in his songs. (...) Jürgens is both - and one fully accepts both. He comes across as authentic through and through." (by Marina Heidrich October 19, 2021/ BKZ - Culture)   

Whoever knows Stefan Jürgens knows how much the man can do. There is only one thing he cannot do: hide what he thinks and feels. And so his concerts are emotional roller coasters full of poetry, sharp-tongued comedy, quiet moments and hymnal power.

(Program in German)

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