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This creation of cie. toula limnaios is inspired by the music of Gustav Mahler and is dedicated to the dust children that we are. They are deeply anchored in our individual and universal memories.

The "staubkinder" take us into an absurd and confusing world. A world similar to ours, with the critical aspects of the present, today's complexity and this uncertain space called the future. The dust children are looking for a foothold - but the ground they are standing on is alien to them. A disturbing and poetic evening at the same time.

  •  Duration 60 minutes, no language

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Additional information
the cie. toula limnaios is institutionally supported by berlin senate department for culture and europe.
Participating artists
Toula Limnaios (Konzept/Choreographie)
Gustav Mahler (Komponist/in)
Daniel Afonso (Tanz/Kreation)
Leonardo D'Aquino (Tanz/Kreation)
Priscilla Fiuza (Tanz/Kreation)
Laura Beschi (Tanz/Kreation)
Francesca Bedin (Tanz/Kreation)
Alessio Scandale (Tanz/Kreation)
Hironori Sugata (Tanz/Kreation)
Karolina Wyrwal (Tanz/Kreation)
Felix Grimm (Technischer Leiter/Lichtdesign)
Domenik Engemann (Licht/Bühnentechnik)
Marie Schmieder (Tourneen/Kooperationen)
Talea Schuré (Presse & Öffentlichkeitsarbeit)