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What is the fundamental tone of the universe? What does star dust sound like? This is what the Resident Music Collective is dealing with.

Inspired by the immersive exhibition in_finite. Living with Death which was on show at the Humboldt Forum until November 2023, 16 artists from different musical cultures are commenting on the themes of the exhibition: with instruments ranging from the Turkish ney to the West African balafon.

In all cultures of the world, music can trigger and intensify feelings, alleviate pain, accompany rituals and express the metaphysical. The palliative therapist Lydia Röder allows the audience to experience first-hand an instrument with whose vibrations she accompanies the dying in their final hours: the body tambura. The musical objects of the Argentine sound artist Edgardo Rudnitzky play without any intervention – the violin swing, the candle zither and many more. SWest African balafon player Aly Keïta sends rhythms of hope to the audience, and musical director Clemens Rynkowski invokes it on the theremin without touch.

The audience can move freely in the concert  hall and be moved by the sounds of the Ukrainian melodies of jazz singer Ganna Gryniva or the grooves of a vibraphone and a feather string drum. Immersed in the deepest tones of double bass and contrabass clarinet we will then be accompanied to new peaks by the alphorn.

The Resident Music Collective was founded in the summer of 2021 for the opening of the Humboldt Forum by musicians from Berlin’s diverse urban communities. It invites you again to a journey of discovery with music beyond tradition.


  • Swing for Poe
  • Big Bang
  • Creation of the world
  • Cosmic soup
  • Dinosaurs
  • Rain of tears
  • Alter Ego
  • Sigh
  • Sounding bowl
  • The Lycian Sea
  • Deadly Sins
  • Lullaby
  • Body tambura
  • Wailing
  • Hope
  • The Child on the Roof
  • Theory of Relativity
  • Lamento
  • Dance of Death
  • Lebidonka: Will We Return?

vocals and samplings: Cansu Tanrikulu
vocals and live electronics: Ganna Gryniva
vocals and cello: Mathilde Vendramin
viola / electronics: Grégoire Simon
double bass: Christian Cuevas Müller
contrabass clarinet / bass clarinet: Joachim Striepens
alpine horn / french horn : Katrin Vogel
ney / kaval: Mohamad Fityan
balafon: Aly Keïta
vibraphone, berimbau, gaxixi: Lucas Dorado
percussion and clicks: Paul-Jakob Dinkelacker
frame drums, tombak, djembe: (Ali Hasan)
percussion and e-bass: Laura Robles
body tambura, sound bowl: Lydia Röder
automatic instruments: Edgardo Rudnitzky
musical direction and theremin: Clemens Rynkowski


- Hall 1, ground floor
- from 6 years
- Price: 12,00 EUR / 6,00 EUR. Advance booking follows.
- Wheelchair accessible

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