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With her new album "Tomorrow's Fire", the 26-year-old singer has turned away from the prevailing indie folk and is now to be found in the realm of guitar-heavy rock music. With great self-confidence, she worked on the new songs as a producer together with sound engineer Alex Farrar.

Squirrel Flower

The studio band consisted of renowned musicians such as Matt McCaughan (Bon Iver), Seth Kauffman (Angel Olsen Band), Jake Lenderman (aka MJ Lenderman) and Dave Hartley (The War on Drugs).

The result is amazing music that reveals the new and exciting facets of Squirrel Flower. Symbolic of this change, the album begins with "I Don't Use A Trashcan", a reinterpretation of their very first song as Squirrel Flower. Here she returns to her past to demonstrate her development as an artist.

The previously released singles "Full Time Job" and "When a Plant Is Dying" explore the universal desperation that comes with being an artist and the challenge of asserting oneself in a world where being an artist isn't easy. The frustration in Williams' lyrics is mirrored in the music's unbridled, wild production.

Despite the new musical path, Squirrel Flower still plays with different layers and hints. The beauty and vulnerability behind the rocking sounds are not immediately apparent, but sometimes require a deeper understanding of the lyrics, which alternate between clear passages and poetic language.

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