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Off to the springtime museum village! During the Easter vacations there are great offers for the whole family all day long.

daily except Wed | 02. - 07.04. | 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.

At hands-on stations, young and old can paint Easter eggs together or weave washcloths - if you like, you can bring your own fabric scraps. A live speaker will provide useful and surprising information about household remedies from ancient times. There will also be historical children's games and magic in the fairytale tent with the fairytale witch Silberzweig or the juggler Astor Ytellar. For refreshment, there is crispy bread on a stick from the open fire.

Guided tour
"Spring in the Middle Ages" | 12:30 + 14:30
Additional information
Price info: Children: up to 18 years free admission

Price: €5.00

Reduced price: €3.00