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After space, the ncb dedicates its upcoming program to another fundamental element of (choral) music: language. Between Renaissance, Baroque, late Romanticism and new music, we will hereby try to explore the multifaceted relationships between text and music. Whether distorted, onomatopoeic, playful, biblical, familiar or foreign - with this program they take a close look at language.

GRAFIK MUSIKNOTEN visitBerlin, Illustration Klio Karadim

  • new choir berlin
  • Conductor: Marina Kerdraon-Dammekens
Performed works: Jehan Alain, Ruth Alon, Johann-Sebastian Bach, Clément Janequin, Justin Lépany (UA), Algirdas Martinaitis and Vaughan Williams

Admission free, donations requested
Additional information
Johanneskirche Schlachtensee