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Fingerstyle with charm

Two Australian musical talents combine their musical influences in a captivating mix of Celtic rock, folk, metal, classical and jazz, accompanied by masterful violin accompaniment and a magical blend of vocals. This unique style is also known as fingerstyle percussion guitar.

In winter 2020/2021 her new album "Orbit" was released, which offers a fascinating combination of technically demanding guitar and violin pieces as well as atmospheric songs with rich vocal harmonies.

The album is a reflection on the lives of the two touring musicians, whose usual orbit suddenly shrank around a tiny village in the German forest. The songs are sometimes bizarre, sometimes serious, and they tell stories from their new phase of life.

Tim demonstrates an impressive virtuoso tapping technique on the percussive guitar, while Rachel masterfully blends the violin with Celtic flair. The duo skillfully blends elements of folk, latin, jazz and rock, resulting in an upbeat and fun performance.

The duo's unique music has already received praise from international sources. Acoustic Guitar World from Japan described their performance as: "Tim demonstrates a virtuoso tapping technique with percussive guitar alongside Rachel, which combines classical fiddle with Celtic flair. The duo blends folk, latin, jazz and rock elements into one happy and entertaining performance." Even the renowned guitarist Al Di Meola commented positively and said: "Great playing, with really nice harmonies and a cool performance style."
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