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An immersive concert by Joshua Sam Miller

Embark on an extraordinary journey when Sounds of the Ocean, the award-winning 360° immersive experience, arrives in Berlin. Renowned sound artist, musician and conservationist Joshua Sam Miller takes you right into the embrace of the ocean with his music.

Prepare for the dive and immerse yourself in an enchanting underwater world where the ethereal melodies of whales and dolphins pamper your senses and create a symphony of harmony.

Created by ocean activist Joshua Sam Miller and co-director and dancer Elise Lein, this immersive experience is an invitation to connect deeply with the enchanting life beneath the waves.

The transformative project aims to encourage the protection of valuable underwater ecosystems. In a society burdened by stress, it offers comfort and respite and invites us to foster a deeper reverence for nature.

Sounds of the Ocean works with marine conservation organizations Deutsche Meeresstiftung, Sea Shepherd and Ocean Beer to raise awareness of the ocean and promote ocean care.