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Workshop with Anton Kats

Sound Stories Silent Site is a performative laboratory for improvised music and storytelling. Step into a sonic playground and set aside a formal understanding of sound, composition, performance, and writing. 

Sound Stories Silent Site wonders how a collective ethics of a place sounds, especially when inspired by difference and contradiction. Embracing transmigration as a mode to dream and enact new semi-fictional identities, the laboratory collectively envisions narratives of the self, other, and the world.

The structure of the laboratory revolves around a sequence of collaborative and interactive modules. The improvised ensemble takes turns listening, tuning, field working, playing, conducting, and weaving sounds and narratives.

The multiplicity of voices and lineages present in the exhibition As Though We Hid the Sun in a Sea of Stories serves as a dynamic starting point for the ephemeral laboratory. By engaging with, reflecting on, and branching off from the artworks, you are invited to become part of a musical ensemble that experiments with sound modules, synthesizers, storytelling, and orchestration.
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