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Ligia Lewis

“Sorrow Swag” is the first part of Ligia Lewis’ triptych that deals with affect and embodiment, as well as race and representation.

Using texts and images derived from mid 20th-century classical theatre to interrogate race, authorship, gender, and grief, it produces an imaginative reformulation.

Thinking through the blues, this work disrupts the canonical by means of a radical othering. With music by Twin Shadow, Lewis and a performer create a hybrid body in a state of flux.

60 min.

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Additional information
Participating artists
Ligia Lewis (Konzept, Choreografie & Regie)
Brian Getnick (Original-Performance)
George Lewis Jr. (of Twin Shadow) (Musikalisches Arrangement)
Joseph Wegmann (Licht)
Nicole Schuchardt (Touring & Distribution)
Martin Hansen (Performance)
Bär Kittelmann (Ton (Tour))
Julia Leonhardt (Administration (Tour))