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Canticle of the Sun - medieval New Year concert

The Canticle of the Sun of Francis of Assisi with its call for peace and humility before creation and its natural elements has never been as relevant as it is today - with medieval music, this scenic concert is about the life and work of Francis of Assisi. Finally, a candlelit New Year's concert with Commedia Nova again after a 3-year break!

GRAFIK MUSIKNOTEN visitBerlin, Illustration Klio Karadim

Musical life of Francis of Assisi - scenic concert with Commedia Nova

Medieval New Year concert by candlelight

Scenic concert with Commedia Nova
German-Italian duo for music and theater
Gaby Bultmann
vocals, bells, medieval and one-handed flutes, string tambourine, mazhar

Daniele Ruzzier
recitation, dance, vocals, mazhar
Additional information
Place and time:
5 p.m.
Hochmeister Church

15 euros
10 Euro reduced
5 Euro pupils

More info under: 030 / 21 75 62 83

Hochmeisterkirche Halensee