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David Scott and Layla Zami

Framed by two films, David Scott and Layla Zami explore the history of revolutions in the Caribbean through call-and-response, a musical format deeply rooted in the radical Black tradition.


6 pm.

Negus - Lee 'Scratch' Perry
Invernomuto, Italy 2013, 11', Jamaican English.


Call-and-Response: a musical keynote with David Scott and Layla Zami.
Conversation (in English)

8.30 pm. 

PICO: Un Parlante de África en América
Invernomuto, Jim Christopher Nedd, Italy/USA 2017, 60', Spanish with English subt.

The Sonic Vernacular: Blackness, Sound, and FugitivityIn:
In collaboration with the RTG Minor Cosmopolitanisms, University of Potsdam, where David Scott is Mercator Fellow in summer 2023.
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Miriam Makeba Auditorium

Free admission