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In the "SOAP - A Group Exhibition" multidisciplinary artists show how cleaning and maintenance work flows into their art. Maintenance is approached in a political, aesthetic, sensual and humorous way.

The aim of the exhibition is to become aware of the variety of creative excesses in maintenance work and to transform these into a creative process. This raises the all-important question: What actually is dirt?

Participating artists:
Kim Bode, Jane Garbert, Anne Line Gertz, Johannes Klever, Renata Müller-Tiburtius, Lisa Peters, Adriano Redoglia, Esther Rosenboom, Marie Salcedo Horn, Solveig Schmid, Daniel Theiler, Dorothee Waldenmaier

Opening hours:

  • Opening Friday October 6th: 6-9 p.m., 8-8:30 p.m., performance by Sakhi Mansoor
  • Saturday October 7th: 2-6 p.m
  • Finissage Sunday October 8th: 12-5 p.m