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The End, So Far World Tour

The American nu-metal band is known for their unique shows. Since the 1990s they are masters of masking, because without their masks they don't even perform. Their sound is hard and very successful.

Mercedes-Benz-Arena in Berlin
Mercedes-Benz-Arena in Berlin © CAMERA 4

Slipknot has already been nominated for 10 Grammy Awards and reached over 13 million views on YouTube in just two weeks with their video for the song "All Out Life". The band's music inspires fans worldwide. Their album ".5: The Gray Chapter" climbed to number one on the charts in the U.S., Japan and Russia.

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*Youth protection regulation: No admission for children under 6 years. Children/youth from 6 years and under 16 years are only admitted to the show if accompanied by a parent/guardian and/or authorized representative.
Mercedes-Benz Arena