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Williamson and his musical partner Andrew Fearn are still pissed off on their

on their twelfth album they are still angry - at their country, its
its representatives and its state in general.

Musically, the 14 tracks are full of punk, electronic and hip-hop. The lyrics alternate between the themes of right-wing radicalism, corruption, drugs and loneliness. The statements are clear. Nothing has ever been glossed over with the Sleaford Mods, but you have rarely seen them as angry as on "UK Grim".

Never back down, that's the duo from Nottingham. Every track has to ignite immediately: get in quick, clear the air in two minutes and get out again. Theme done. If only Hydra England didn't grow two new heads for every one cut off. Reason enough for Sleaford Mods to keep going. This also applies to the duo's performances, which are just as minimalist and yet so energetic. In October, the two will come to Berlin.

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