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Current album "Kino Kosmos"

Somewhere between laughing and crying, nostalgia, the present, melancholy and joie de vivre: "Kino Kosmos" tells a universal story of coming of age and growing up.

Veranstaltungen in Berlin: SIND live in Berlin
© Sinnbus

Psychogeographically firmly inscribed in the East Berlin of the 2000s - the Kino Kosmos on Karl-Marx-Allee was once the premiere cinema of the GDR, today it is a disdainful congress hall in front of which cross-frontists gather on Mondays - "Kino Kosmos" captures the carefree, endlessly long and eternally short days without obligations in the most beautiful indie pop in heartbreaking detail. 

Sentimental and entirely without kitsch, "Kino Kosmos" is a farewell to what was. And we are full of anticipation for what will be.