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Get dressed up and pop the corks: All the tables and chairs have been thrown out, the parquet floor has been cleaned and the best, danceable music has been provided: Celebrate the new year 2024 together at Peter Edel!

1 TICKET FOR EVERYTHING: All drinks all night long + sweet & savoury midnight snacks!

  • 1 live cover band (all-time favourites!)
  • 2 dance floors (rock, pop, 80s, 90s, R'n'B, soul, hip hop)
  • 1 large outdoor area
  • 1 chill-out lounge

Date: Sunday, 31.12.2023
Start & admission: 20:00

Location: Peter Edel Education and Cultural Centre
                  Berliner Allee 125, 13088 Berlin

Tickets: 99,00 € (regular, plus advance booking fee) - only available online!

Please note, very important:
No fixed seating on location, only chillout lounge - you can and should dance as long as your feet will carry you!
No buffet, only midnight snacks and all-inclusive drinks package.

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