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»silence« is both a digital poem and a piece of sound. It is a long poem exploring the absence of sound. It's noise, dense and constant, followed by silence, oppressive and generative. »silence« could be the formative change of our late modern, digital life. What is a poem that is hyper-aware of the simultaneous silence that is taking place?

Dull breath, stuck tongues, the sea: »silence« leads us into the personal and political abysses of silence and queer erasure. It asks: Can we penetrate the silence? Or will she always bear us from her womb? The text scrolls across an endless, massive page. Font size, line spacing and gaps create a rhythm. Density and distances resonate and fill in these gaps. Birds are chirping, the sea is murmuring, snowflakes are falling. Then a void spreads.

Together with web developer Karin Knutsson and sound artist Miguel la Corte, Raphael Koranda has created an intimate and sonorous digital poem. Raphael Koranda and Miguel la Corte will present the long English-language poem »silence« that evening and will then be available for an audience discussion. An evening of silence and noise.

Raphael Koranda (*1995) grew up queer between Germany and Ireland. Raphael's literary works move between the English and German, the digital and the analogue. Raphael's texts and translations have appeared in various anthologies and magazines in Germany and Europe (e.g. in Edit, The Poem, fourteen poems). Raphael is a member of the poetry department at »Sand Journal«, an English-language literary magazine from Berlin.

Miguel la Corte (*1999) was born in Caracas, Venezuela. His musical practice focuses on instrumenting shared experiences and shaping open media ecologies. He sees music as a means of agency through experiences of collective creation and shifts the public notion of music as a closed process towards creation as an open and collective experience.