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Sigur Rós World Tour 2022

Many  praises have already been sung
about the live qualities of the Icelanders. From the very beginning of their
career, Sigur Rós captivated their fans in a way that is simply unique.

Sigur Rós
Sigur Rós © Hörður Óttarson

Sacred parts crashing into massive walls of guitars, projections flicker in front of and behind the musicians and frontman Jónsi soars to breathtaking heights while working his electric guitar with a violin bow. Sigur Rós concerts often resembled a multimedia fair rather than a pure concert experience.  

After a long break from live performances, Sigur Rós are now embarking on a world tour that will also take them to Germany. The band will not only play the best-known epics from their past albums such as "Ágætis byrjun" and "Takk...", but also present new material. The founding members Jónsi, Georg Holm and Kjartan Sveinsson, who has returned to Sigur Rós, are in fact currently together in their studio in Iceland. They are recording the band's first studio album since 2013's "Kveikur."

Sigur Rós have explicitly emphasized that they will use the concerts of the world tour to bring this new material to the stage.

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