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He is Sido. He is Paul. He is LIVE again and he is back in his element, with a new album, new tracks and in good old SIDO style incl. powerful entertainment, the long-running hits, the well-known songs and his hymns. From 24.10.-10.11.2023 SIDO aka Paul is on the road again and plays 14 concerts in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Luxembourg as part of his tour through Europe. In short:

SIDO auf der Bühne
SIDO auf der Bühne © Max Bublack


SIDO is and remains a one-of-a-kind. No other German artist masters the balancing act between hip-hop and mainstream as well as the masked man. This is also reflected in his audience. After more than 20 years at the top, SIDO manages to unite the generations of his fans like hardly any other rapper in Germany - by now, the rap fans of the first hour are often in the audience together with their children. Anyone who has ever experienced the exceptional artist SIDO in his live element knows that an energetic and unique show awaits him. Now you can already look forward, get into starting position and secure tickets for the new tour.

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