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»Cancel white feminism. Why our feminism must become more feminist« Book premiere - Literature LIVE

Calling yourself a feminist is booming, but that doesn't mean mainstream feminism is worthy of the name. Only a few benefit from it in Germany: privileged, heterosexual and cisgendered white middle class members. And the exploitation of everyone else is pushed into invisibility.

If people want to live in a free society that demands real equality for all people, a lot has to change: in our coexistence, in politics, online, at work and in our understanding of democracy in general. Step by step, Sibel Schick analyzes the exclusion mechanisms of white feminism based on current social debates, breaking with traditions and expectations. A highly relevant plea for a fairer world.

»People who have been marginalized on multiple occasions do not generally benefit from the measures of white feminism because these measures ignore the reality of their lives and sometimes actively lead to their disadvantage and discrimination.« Sibel Schick

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dem S. Fischer Verlag und der Thalia Buchhandlung