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In the afternoon variety show at the Wintergarten Berlin, the whole family can enjoy the highlights of the sensational evening show GOLDEN YEARS | Die 20er Jahre Varieté Revue No  2 with coffee and cake.

Wintergarten am Abend
Wintergarten am Abend © Benjamin Düntsch

GOLDEN YEARS | Die 20er Jahre Varieté Revue No  2

Hereinspaziert in die wilden Zwanziger! is the motto of the Wintergarten Varieté and promises a dazzling evening in yesterday and today. The opulent show production GOLDEN YEARS | Die 20er Jahre Varieté Revue No  2 takes you back to what was probably Berlin's most sinful decade, the Golden 1920s-and at the same time full steam ahead into the new 2020s.

Not only the stage, but the entire ambience of the house is transformed perfectly into a perfect 1920s establishment. The Berlin directors Pierre Caesar and Markus Pabst as well as the gifted composer and entertainer Jack Woodhead thus revive that epoch in which people were as addicted to entertainment as they are again today. Always on the lookout for frivolous sensations.

The highlight: everything - the entire theater from the entrance to the foyer and toilets to the stage - and everyone, staff and audience alike, are and become part of the scenery and the delightfully crazy spectacle. But the show is not only a close, authentic reflection of those 1920s that still fascinate us today, but also a wicked prophecy of what the coming decade has in store for us 100 years later:

Ambience, decoration and costumes let us revel in the flair of the 1920s - the heroes of today and tomorrow, the night figures of Berlin in the 2020s, perform on stage. Breathtaking burlesque dance, erotic contortion, fantastic aerial poetry, extravagant choreography, beguiling melodies.

Now, at the latest, you are fully immersed in a unique, astonishing cosmos full of bizarre characters who enchant you not only with their acrobatic feats. Surprisingly, pictorially and rapidly, they unleash the famous bubbling dance on the volcano, staging an exuberant spectacle with top-class acrobatics and live music that takes you into a world populated by artists, magicians, dancers and transvestites.

The guests can expect an evening that presents elegant and provocative Varieté Noir in its most exciting form. An evening as it could have taken place 100 years ago in the old Wintergarten on Friedrichstraße-and as it will take place in the coming 20s in this very place: At the Wintergarten Varieté Berlin.

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