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30 years of the Pallottine Community Berlin, 25 years of Pallotti-Mobil, 10 years of the JACKeducational institution

The “Pallottis” in St. Christophorus, the Pallottine faith and life community, have existed since 1993. Pallotti was an Italian priest in the 19th century. His motto: The love of Christ compels us. Fits the hotspot Neukölln!

“Pallotti Mobile e. V. – Those in need help those in need” is a concrete implementation of Pallotti’s idea of drawing out one’s own strengths. Since 1998, the long-term unemployed, refugees, volunteers and full-time employees have been helping with construction and renovation work, social catering, etc.

Pallotti emphasized the calling of all women and men to the apostolate - to the mission for the world: Movimento-Pallotti - a handful of lives have been taking part in this Pallottian original community since 2003 and are always looking for new allies. From prayer to socio-political action, they seek and live their greater calling.

“JACK – educational center for refugees and women in need of protection” is a project by Pallotti-Mobil e. V. Free language courses for women whose access elsewhere is closed or difficult. Childcare during lessons.


Gospel – singer-songwriter
Dance – cabaret

with, among other things:

  • herrlicher
  • Carol McCollins-Kreyenborg
  • Johannes Wogram. H(e)artchor
  • Grizzly Bird. Vinotha Thambipillai
  • The domestic representative. Esther Schmitz greets
  • Soni Devi. Karim Rezai


Sabine Wagenfeld
Zuff e. V., refuge apartments for women, Berlin

Bernd Szczepanski
Committee for Social Affairs in the BVV Neukölln

Yakob Mekowanent Michael
Pallotti Mobile e. V., those in need help those in need

Hajo Schumacher & Lissy Eichert

Starting at 6:30 p.m. with a snack; The program begins at 7:30 p.m.
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