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Shelly Kupferberg, author, presenter and journalist, uses family letters and photos, old documents and archive material to trace the outlines of an astonishing career, a rapid social rise. Her great-granduncle Isidor was a dazzling figure, a doer and a bon vivant who loved luxury, art and especially opera.

Porträt-Fotografie von Shelly Kuperberg
Porträt-Fotografie von Shelly Kuperberg Heike Steinweg / © Diogenes Verlag

In her search for clues, which takes her from Eastern Galicia to Vienna, from Budapest to Hollywood and Tel Aviv, Shelly Kupferberg comes across countless stories: exciting, amazing, comic, and always tragic. The story of Isidor and his own - a touching book about the fate of a Jewish family.

(Program in German)

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Shelly Kupferberg
Isidor. Ein jüdisches Leben
256 Seiten, erschienen am 24. August 2022 im Diogenes Verlag
Liebermann-Villa am Wannsee