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Israeli documentary theater based on the play "The Night of the Twenties"/ J. Sobol and the group "Normale Israelis Berlin"

(How) do we want to live together? (How) can we live together? The relevance, polemics and criticism of questions about the Israeli language have intensified over the past year. Four Israeli women from Berlin come on stage to prepare for a protest. But they don't know what they will write on the posters.

Two groups compete against each other at the center of the evening. In between are a hundred years of the Holocaust, the founding of the state, emigration and immigration.

A group of young Zionists from Germany stand on a bare mountain in front of the founding of a new settlement and wrestle with the question "What kind of society do we want to create?".

Opposite her is the Facebook group “Normale Israelis in Berlin”, which gets lost in the search for a normal hummus shop and exhausts itself in the process of polarizing further. Autoanti-Semites against Germans and leftists against Israelis who can no longer cope with Israel's prices and at the same time can survive without "Ptitim", "Keif" shampoo and Israeli chocolate kisses.

Intertwined and entangled in ancient Israel's melodies, both groups ride into a head-on collision. The longing for hiking to the big dream of another country blossoms in the heart. Nevertheless, one encounters another over and over again.

Ensemble de-Layla is a new Israeli group for theater in Berlin. Due to the distance to Israel, the ensemble tries to explore questions about identity, belonging and immigration. The ensemble uses written pieces, autobiographical and documentary material as sources.
Participating artists
Kerem Hillel (Regie, Choreographie)
Maya Kuperman
Danielle Barkay
Yasmin Bender
Sigal Wolfinzon
Yael Gil