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As part of the Neuruppin Music Association's classical concert series, the Seibert Piano Trio is a guest at the Old Gymnasium in Neuruppin. Christian Seibert (piano), Jung Won Seibert-Oh (violin) and Thomas Georgi (cello) play Hans Pfitzner's piano trio in F major and Frederic Chopin's piano trio in g minor in Neuruppin.

Hans Pfitzner's Piano Trio in F major op. 8 is one of his most successful works. It was premiered in Frankfurt am Main in 1896 and was frequently played during Pfitzner's lifetime. Wonderful lyrical melodies, painful outbursts and piercing sadness alternate.

After the break, Frederic Chopin's Piano Trio in G minor, Op. 8, will be played. It is one of the greatest and most unique creations of the era for piano trio. It is an early work by Chopin, which he began in 1828 at the age of 18. A large, passionate sonata movement is followed by a classically finely crafted Scherzo, a very romantic Adagio and a ravishing Krakowiak finale.

The leader of the Seibert piano trio and at the same time namesake is pianist Christian Seibert. He is particularly interested in music from the turn of the century. Violinist Jung Won Seibert-Oh played in various chamber music formations while studying in Berlin and founded, among other things, the Cuarteto Bando, which is dedicated to Argentine tango. Thomas Georgi is solo cellist in the Brandenburg State Orchestra.
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