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DOCK 11 presents: PLATAFORMA BERLIN:: Seguir/Follow + Recuerdos del Presente/Memories of the Present.

double bill


Seguir/Follow enacts a body that demands patience and appreciation during recovery from surgeries to remove endometriosis and tumors. It's about the female self; about identity and resilience of a body that changes as it ages, as it lives, as it dances. This work takes space and time for a ritualistic moment to honor the female body, dangerously iridescent.

Seguir/Follow is a first.

  • Concept, choreography, performance: Areli Mogan
  • Sound composition, performance: Samaquias Lorta
  • Dramaturgy: Sasha Amaya
  • Realization: Areli Moran in collaboration with Daniel Montiel
  • Sound collaboration: Rodrigo Zarate

A production by Areli Moran and ESPACIO EXPECTANTE. Supported by Centro Cultural Plaza Fátima, Manifestaciones del Cuerpo. With the support of Secretaria de Cultura de Mexico, FONCA; Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media as part of the NEUSTART KULTUR initiative, DIS-TANZEN funding program of the Dachverband Tanz Deutschland

Recuerdos del Presente/Memories of the Present

Two beers to start and two beers to finish, I want to go back....

Recuerdos del Presente consists of the rhythm of the Andean cumbia and its timbres, reminiscent of nostalgia when celebrating. A space that brings into dialogue three elements that emerged during the research: the cumbia, the ch'alla and the party. They create an interstice in which ideas and narratives meet and at the center of which are the contradictions of sadness/happiness and loneliness/encounter. The performance explores reencounters with memories of family celebrations, shared intoxications, zapateos rompe taquito. Out of a nostalgic feeling, the social is redefined by the symbolic.

  • Concept, performance: Sharon Mercado Nogales
  • Dramatic assistant: Luisa Mateo Dupleich Rozo
  • Production: Caballo en L/ La Perla Andina
  • Musical references: Amor Sagrado- Chuxña Manzana, Tayhana- Negra Brava, Chuquimamani Condori- Live set 2020, Mix Las culisueltas, Mix huayño Zapateo Ronisch, bSharon Mercado Nogale- Dame Veneno (Prod. Caballo en L/ La Perla Andina)
  • Set design, costume: Sharon Mercado Nogales
  • Video: Producciones Maxilogos 3D

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