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On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Ingeborg Bachmann's death, poets from different countries and literary traditions were invited to take a critical look at Bachmann's poetry and to question its relevance and radiance today.

In one of her Frankfurt poetry lectures in 1959, Ingeborg Bachmann (born in Klagenfurt in 1926, died in Rome in 1973) aptly said: "No one will believe today that poetry takes place outside of the historical situation. The truth is reasonable for people." The responsibility and even obligation to reflect on current affairs and to enlighten society occupy a central place in her work, closely linked to the renewal of language through new thinking: "To make a single sentence tenable / to endure in the jumble of words ."

Ingeborg Bachmann suddenly became known with the publication of the volume of poems "Die gestundente Zeit" (Frankfurter Verlagsanstalt, 1953), whose verses have become iconic for post-war poetry: "War is no longer declared / but continued. The outrageous / is commonplace become." Numerous other publications followed, including the volume of poems "Anrufung des Großer Bären" (Invocation of the Great Bear) (Piper Verlag) in 1956, later mainly radio plays, prose and essays. The Ingeborg Bachmann Prize, established in her honor, has been awarded annually in Klagenfurt since 1977.

The following will be present in the reading and discussion: Mátyás Dunajcsik | Ana Rocío Jouli | Caca Savic | Leah Schneider

Moderator: Asmus Trautsch
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