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Dummikratie - Why idiots choose idiots Why is stupidity so successful? What do politicians think that opt for the simplest speech pods? Why do political papers have the most readers when it comes to back pain? In "Dummikratie - why idiots choose idiots" fights Sebastian Schnoy for the Enlightenment and against the dullness.

Sebastian Schnoy
Sebastian Schnoy © Kerstin Pukall

He delivers political cabaret without an index finger. Sebastian Schnoy explains why the FDP is as successful as athlete's foot. Hardly overcome, she is back. Everyone is his luck blacksmith, oh yes. No political camp can do without populism. For 40 years, for some, capitalism has come to an immediate end. The others warn against alienation since Luther's time. Why does fanaticism always strike reason? We against the! Dummikratie is Schnoy's all-around punch against any form of simplification. Evil but forgiving. Funny but often thoughtful, he remains what he always was: a notorious optimist. Schnoy's cabaret gives strength to life and for the next confrontation with Vollpfosten, Scharfmacher and cynics. He supplies new ammunition for tired reconnaissance aircraft. What is really important to us? And if we know, why do not we loudly celebrate it with Tschingderassabum?

Sebastian Schnoy has a lot to say. Above all, he is quite sure of one thing: save the world, the nice ones.

(Program in German)

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