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In "Maskenball" Sebastian 23 takes a satirical and oblique look behind all the masks that people wear in everyday life and we even discover in part what lies behind them: Faces.

Sebastian 23
Sebastian 23 © Oliver Look

The program is packed to the brim with texts, songs, stand-up and improv. It is sometimes political, sometimes silly, sometimes both, always left, usually in front, but above all always way up there.

You might know Sebastian 23 for a variety of reasons: He's one of the country's best-known poetry slammers, he's been a hunter and collector of cabaret awards, he's been on TV a few times, and he's constantly on the Internet, because on social media he has countless fans as a satirist and activist.

Maybe you've seen him on the street and thought, "Who's this way-too-happy guy in the colorful sweater who looks like a stoned chameleon tripped up against a court jester?"

Or you don't even know Sebastian 23 yet - that's bad, but then you can discover all the more in his new solo show.

(Program in German)
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