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The Other Side is the musical meeting of guitarist Judith Beckedorf (Dresden) and singer/songwriter Sean Della Croce (Nashville). The two have been friends since Beckedorf studied in Nashville for a year in 2016. When the world was gripped by the corona pandemic in 2020, Beckedorf and Della Croce began writing songs in virtual songwriting sessions across a distance of more than 7,000km.

Veranstaltungen in Berlin: Live Music from Nashville to Germany: Judith Beckedorf & Sean Della Croce
© Ev. Kirchengemeinde Petrus-Giesensdorf Lichterfelde

In their two voices, on guitar, mandolin and banjo, their music features thoughts about rainy days, activism, trees and healthy human interaction. The result is an album consisting of 10 songs.

On stage, Beckedorf and Della Croce perform both solo and as a duo, showcasing songs from the new album, The Other Side. The two are working hard to make the CD production and tour as ecologically sustainable as possible.

Phone: 030 81 80 99 66

Admission: 16 €

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