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On the occasion of the exhibition Poltergeist at C/O Berlin, the Julia Stoschek Foundation presents a selection of video works by the young media artist Farah Al Qasimi (*1991, ARE) on one evening.

Expanding on Al Qasimi’s fascination with horror films and the aesthetics of B movies as seen in Poltergeist, the screening gathers three of her films that portray hybrid characters stuck in liminal spaces and states.

Echoing the exhibition’s exploration of the sonic and haptic traces supposedly left by unseen forces on our world, the films center otherworldly figures—a jinn, a mermaid, an influencer trapped inside an app—that disrupt colonial and traditional Western narratives or accentuate the peculiarities of our hyperconnected world. Through music and quirky dialogue, these films also address tangible issues in the UAE, from gentrification to water pollution, with humor.

Video works

  • Um Al Dhabaab (Mother of Fog), 2023, video, 22′46′′, color, sound.
  • Surge, 2022, video, 8′39′′, color, sound.
  • The Swarm, 2021, video, 13′54′′, color, sound.

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