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Butoh Performance

Schizophrenia: I want to take four steps. Each new step in in conflict with the last. The conflict lies between what the body is and what it needs to be. The feeling now and the desire for the next step is revealed in Butoh. Each new step cancels the value of the last. Without this conflict there is no Butoh.

Additional information
Valentin Tszin is a Russian artist based in Berlin, DE. A pioneer in bringing rave culture, digital art, butoh (anti)dance and physical theatre together. Dozens of performances and movie appearances, European festivals (Atonal Berlin, CTM, Today’s Art, Athens Biennial) and fashion collaborations (Zaha Hadid, Trippen, Obscur); as well as collaborative performances and workshops with the key figures of the international butoh scene (Ko Murobushi, Carlotta Ikeda, Dairakudakan company etc.) made him a recognisable figure on contemporary art scene. Known for his passion for going beyond the stylistic and conceptual frameworks, he sees butoh as a kind of virus: mutating, changing its gene, striving on new territories yet to be discovered.


Daniel Williams was born in Edinburgh. In 2002 on finishing his Phd at Edinburgh University, he started working professionally in the theatre, writing music and soundtracks. He worked for many years with Theater DEREVO, travelling all over the world with many different performances including Ketzal, Harlekin and Mephisto Walz. He lives in Dresden and has collaborated with many different theatre companies and artists among them The Guts Company, Freaks und Fremde, JuWie Dance Company, theatrale subversione and Valentin Tzsin. Future projects include Das Schloss, directed by Maxim Didenko to appear at the Staatschauspielhaus in Dresden in 2022.
Participating artists
Valentin Tszin
Daniel Williams
X tin